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I will record 5 radio idents, dj drops or spoken jingles




Using female voiceover we will record 5 separate Spoken Lines of Jingles, DJ Drops, Intro, Outros, or Radio Show, Radio Station, Podcast Idents with sound effects underneath.

Please send script of 5 separate lines must be in English, each line not more than 15 words.

Please indicate instruction and or attach audio pronunciation guide for proper names to avoid mistakes.

Please take note our native language is English and American accent so foreign intonations or accent are limited.

Modifications cannot be processed if not in original script or instructions or it is not our mistake.

Choice of FX, voiceover delivery and execution is on us based on the format and nature of the script.

(Example script: “This is the Mix FM Podcast” or “You are listening to DJ Max on The Mix Show”)

Script writing is not included, script or lines to be provided by buyer.

Delivery ETA is seven days standard.

Intended only for podcasts, radio stations, radio shows, DJs and not for commercial advertisements.

Items will be delivered in 5 separate files in mp3 format.

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