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I will professionally edit your podcast within 24 hours




If we haven’t yet worked together, please press the ‘Contact Seller button and speak to me before ordering!

Why does audio quality matter?

The importance of good audio quality in podcasts cannot be overstated. As while subpar video may be tolerated, poor audio will not be well received by listeners.

Why work with me?

As a podcast editor with 7+ years of experience, I have had the opportunity to work with over 200 ambitious podcasters. I believe that open communication is crucial for a smooth working relationship. Additionally, I provide special discounts for repeat clients.

Great quality at an affordable price!

Services provided

  • Audio editing ( umms, filler words, spaces, mistakes )
  • Noise removal
  • Mixing intro/outro
  • Mastering for consistent volume and better quality

Extras ( additional charges)

  • Show notes
  • Video editing
  • Snippet/ audiogram for social media
  • Podcast management

Note -If your audio quality is subpar, please send it to me prior to placing an order. I will evaluate it and give you a preview. However, please note that significant improvement may not be possible.

Always happy to help!

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